five white canes sit on a black counter

five white canes sit on a black counter


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So, you’re using the internet….

A: That’s not a question?

Q: Right. Um. You’re blind, but you’re using the internet… how?

A: Not all blind people are completely blind. I’m not. I use reading glasses + magnification and large print to access all sorts of things you’d think I couldn’t!

Q: Okay, so. You’re blind. And you’re deaf. Cool.

How do I pronounce your last name?

A: So, most Americans say “shh-ness-uhn” and if Swedish freaks you out, I guess that’s fine. But if you want to say it properly, it’s “Who-ness-ohn” :)

Q: Do you teach?

A: I do! I’ve taught Master Classes through Writing the Other, and a Clarion West One Day Workshop. I’ve also spoken at the University of Chicago as part of Ada Palmer’s censorship class. If you’d like me to come and teach at your school you can reach out to me via my contact form!

Q: Were you REALLY the first blind person to win a Hugo?

As far as anyone knows, yes. There may have been a blind person who was hiding their disability in the past winners group, but since they never identified publicly as blind, I’m the first.