Elsa’s work resonates for me because it sings the things my heart screams.
— Summer Plum

Hugo Award Winning Editor Elsa Sjunneson-Henry writes and edits speculative fiction and non-fiction. Her fiction work has appeared in magazines such as Uncanny and Fireside and her non-fiction has appeared at tor.com, The Boston Globe and other venues.  She was the Co-Guest Editor in Chief of Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction and worked as the Managing Editor and Assistant Editor of Fireside. With work nominated for numerous awards, including the Hugo’s for Best Fan Writer and Best Semiprozine, the Aurora Award, and the D. Franklin Defying Doomsday award. She founded and wrote Feminist Sonar from 2011-2016, where she laid groundwork for many discussions on disability in popular discourse. As a part of the work she did for Feminist Sonar, she became an activist for disability rights. 


She has presented work at the University of Chicago and The Henry Art Gallery, and taught workshops with Clarion West, Writing the Other, and various Science Fiction conventions. She is available as an editor, writer, and public speaker for a variety of venues.